Publishing Ethics

For authors:
a) all submitted papers must represent original work of authors (other authors’ text should be properly cited; also, authors should avoid auto-plagiarism).
b) papers submitted for the conference and inclusion in conference proceedings should not be submitted or published in any other journal in any language
c) people listed as authors should be only those which contribution is substantial for the paper
d) in reporting research results, authors’ should be ethical

For reviewers:
a) all papers submitted for the conference are going through double blind review process. Reviewers are from academic circles (usually university professors or scientists working in research institutes). If both reviews are positive then the paper is accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the proceedings. If both reviews are negative then the paper is rejected. If one review is positive and the other one is negative, then we will send the paper to the third reviewer for a final decision.
b) if reviewer become aware of author identity, he/she should immediately report that to program/organizing committee
c) reviewers should maintain their objectivity during the review process and not discuss reviewed paper with anyone
d) reviewers should review review only those papers for which they feel competent

For editors:
a) editors must protect authors’ and reviewers’ identities
b) editors should exclude them-self from from considering submission in which they have conflict of interest
c) editors should remain objective throughout whole process and provide platform that is ethical and equal to anyone.