Conference Tracks

We welcome diverse contributions: conceptual and empirical; abstracts and full papers; research in early stages and fully completed papers. All submissions will be arranged in four tracks (ECONOMICS, FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING), and we provide some ideas on what your research can focus (see the list below). However, list is just indicative but not exhaustive – so we welcome also ideas that are not covered by our suggestions.

Track ECONOMICS – with possible areas including
Eco 1.   Economics of socially responsible behaviors
Eco 2.   EU economics
Eco 3.   Global interconnected economies
Eco 4.   Externalities
Eco 5.   Macroeconomic challenges in new world economy
Eco 6.   Macroeconomic theory and policy
Eco 7.   New EU countries
Eco 8.   Protectionism and regulations
Eco 9.   Rebuilding long-term economic growth and development
Eco 10. What is the “new normal” for global growth?

Track FINANCE & ACCOUNTING – with possible areas including
F&A 1. Banking and financial institutions
F&A 2. After the financial crisis: consequences and lessons learned
F&A 3. Volatility
F&A 4. Bankruptcy and distress
F&A 5. Capital flows, finance and trade
F&A 6. Challenges of banking and finance in EU
F&A 7. Rethinking the risk factor
F&A 8. Financial at international markets
F&A 9. Financial econometrics
F&A 10. Financial markets
F&A 11. Forecasting returns
F&A 12. Government impact on restructuring and stabilizing financial industry
F&A 13. Investments and risk
F&A 14. Market integration and interest rates
F&A 15. Mergers and acquisitions
F&A 16. Mutual funds and hedge funds
F&A 17. New financial architecture for global crises
F&A 18. Redesigning the international monetary system
F&A 19. Securities, markets, and corporate governance

Track MANAGEMENT – with possible areas including
Mng 1. Business ethics
Mng 2. Business leadership for the 21st century
Mng 3. Managing socially responsible systems
Mng 4. Crises management
Mng 5. International management challenges
Mng 6. Socially responsible corporate culture
Mng 7. Risk management
Mng 8. SME and entrepreneurship
Mng 9. Social responsibility
Mng 10. The growing influence of social networks
Mng 11. Virtual management
Mng 12. Quality management
Mng 13. Project management

Track MARKETING – with possible areas including
Mkt 1.  Consumer behavior
Mkt 2.  Marketing innovation
Mkt 3.  Product and brand management
Mkt 4.  Services marketing
Mkt 5.  Sales and distribution channel management
Mkt 6.  Marketing research, measurement and metrics
Mkt 7.  Global and cross-cultural marketing
Mkt 8.  Business-to-business marketing
Mkt 9.  Marketing strategies
Mkt 10. Social and non-profit marketing
Mkt 11. Customer relationship management
Mkt 12. Pricing management
Mkt 13. SME marketing
Mkt 14. Sports marketing
Mkt 15. Internal marketing
Mkt 16. Marketing education
Mkt 17. Marketing in transitional economies
Mkt 18. Tourism marketing
Mkt 19. Socially responsible marketing